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Rent an Established Website

Many companies make a website, just to find that people aren't finding the site. Talk about a bad return on investment. LocalSiteLease takes the mystery out of the equation by first establishing internet presence and a flow of steady visitors, allowing you to come in, fill the site with your company's information, and instantly find new customers.

We have a talented team of Internet Marketers and Search Engine Optimizers working to make sure that these sites rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and MSN search engines. Through years of trial and error, we have figured out how to establish websites that rank highly for phrases that many of your customers are searching the internet for.

How it Works

1. Look through our websites and find the one that best fits your company.

2. Sign up for the website and pay through PayPal. PayPal will securely process your creidt card and will automatically bill you every month. We never see any of your private details and you can cancel at any time.

3. At the end of the process, PayPal will generate a username and password for you. You can then login to your account on LocalSiteLease with that username and password.

4. Once logged in, you can make changes to your webpage. You will be able to modify all the text and images on your page to fit the personality and brand of your company. If you've ever made a document in Microsoft Word you will have no problem making and modifying your page.

5. Log in at any time to make changes and update information.

Contact Us

We understand that bringing your company online can be a daunting task. We pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable and incontrol throughout the entire process. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email so we can help your company grow online.

Phone: 1(716) 472-1337
Email: Sales@LocalSiteLease.com